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Dark Island Part 3 (Finally!)

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With Ninjago: Hands of Time finally right around the corner (although I think I’m in the minority, not having watched any subtitled leaks, as the season aired in non-English speaking countries starting in January) I finally managed to get my hands on the third and final final part of the Dark Island graphic novel trilogy at the local library.

For reasons unknown, the volume has been stupidly hard to find, not even officially being stocked by Amazon. (In fact, another Ninjago graphic novel released around the same time is also only available via third party sellers? What the heck happened? Maybe taking the Ninjago comics license away from Papercutz to public in-house wasn’t the best idea.)

Thoughts, reactions, and predictions for the next two seasons after the break. Also, spoilers for everything up through Day of the Departed. 

Fic Rec Friday: Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

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And now, the first entry of what I hope to be a regular feature; I read a lot of fan fiction in lots of fandoms and occasionally get asked for recommendation lists, so each week I’ll post 10 fic recs for a specific fandom.

This week, have a bunch of great SRMTHG fics!