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Author: Netbug

Manga Review | A Kiss on Tearful Cheeks

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Romances with a significant age-gap, especially when one character is just entering adulthood, are tricky business. There’s a million ways they can go wrong. A Kiss on Tearful Cheeks serves as one of many examples of what not to do when writing a May-December romance. Our 17-year old heroine is dating a 24-year old and it takes very little time for her boyfriend to begin to seem creepy and possessive. Neither character in the story has the emotional maturity to handle the relationship and things that are precursors to abuse are treated as romantic. Our heroine is submissive in every…

Anime Reviews | The Negative Edition

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Welcome to Anime Reviews Roundup: A collection of bite-sized anime reviews of whatever I’ve been watching lately.

Today’s set is full of what I considered the worst of the worst – anime so bad I dropped it partway through. I decided to take a good long look at my dropped list and try to articulate why I disliked some of the anime on it so much. If you’re curious to see what I hated, then get brace yourself for the impending swarm of angry comments and check out these shows.

Anime Reviews | MyAnimeList 2018 Anime Challenge Start!

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Oh dear.

One of my over-the-top (I never learn, do I?) New Years Resolutions was to complete MyAnimeList’s Annual Anime and Manga challenges on the hardest difficulty. Last year, this meant completing 49 entries for both anime and manga. This year, I make a plan, pace myself, log in… and find the requirements for the hardest mode have been doubled to a whopping 100 for each! That’s 2 series a week!

Pixar Isn’t PIXAR Anymore

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In 2008, there was a trailer for what turned out to be – in my not-so-humble (I WILL FIGHT YOU AND EVERYONE YOU LOVE ) opinion – the best animated  film of all time. The trailer told us next to nothing about the film itself. Other than a couple quick shots of a robot collecting trash (which were shockingly realistic for the state of animation at the time, mind you) the entire trailer focussed on the fact that Pixar was the studio making the film. Callbacks to several of Pixar’s other films were thrown into the mix. The message was…

Dark Island Part 3 (Finally!)

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With Ninjago: Hands of Time finally right around the corner (although I think I’m in the minority, not having watched any subtitled leaks, as the season aired in non-English speaking countries starting in January) I finally managed to get my hands on the third and final final part of the Dark Island graphic novel trilogy at the local library.

For reasons unknown, the volume has been stupidly hard to find, not even officially being stocked by Amazon. (In fact, another Ninjago graphic novel released around the same time is also only available via third party sellers? What the heck happened? Maybe taking the Ninjago comics license away from Papercutz to public in-house wasn’t the best idea.)

Thoughts, reactions, and predictions for the next two seasons after the break. Also, spoilers for everything up through Day of the Departed. 

Manga Review | “Suki” to Ienai

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Shiina has a crush on her brother.

Well, okay, not really. Not her actual blood-related brother, anyway. Kiri, the guy Shiina is angsting over, is adopted and doesn’t know it. However, thanks to a mishap, Shiina stumbled upon the truth about her brother some time ago, and has been in love with him ever sense.