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Manga Review | “Suki” to Ienai

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Shiina has a crush on her brother.

Well, okay, not really. Not her actual blood-related brother, anyway. Kiri, the guy Shiina is angsting over, is adopted and doesn’t know it. However, thanks to a mishap, Shiina stumbled upon the truth about her brother some time ago, and has been in love with him ever sense.

“That’s still kind of awkward” you say? Yeah, it is, but it’s the kind of thing shoujo manga fantasies are made of; our heroine couldn’t be closer to the not-technically-illegal-to-date man of her dreams. So does she tell Kiri the truth, or not risk breaking his heart at the expense of breaking her own?

This is the conflict in the one-shot “Suki” to Ienai (I Can’t Say “I Like You.”) and there’s not much more to say about the quick read without giving the entire plot away. The artwork is nice and the writing fills all of those unrealistic, mushy tropes that the genre is either beloved or hated for, depending on who you ask. Overall, it’s a solid, but not outstanding (and still kind of creepy) one-shot for shoujo fans looking for a quick fix.

(This work was read as part of MyAnimeList’s 2017 Manga challenge. Task 01. Read a one-shot.)

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