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And now, the first entry of what I hope to be a regular feature; I read a lot of fan fiction in lots of fandoms and occasionally get asked for recommendation lists, so each week I’ll post 10 fic recs for a specific fandom.

This week, have a bunch of great SRMTHG fics!

Title: Acceptance
Author: DarkFlameOfTheMonkey
Rating: K+
Focus: Valina, Pre-series
Why it’s Worth Reading: Valina’s backstory is really interesting, and this one shot makes me want to see more people write about it. (Seriously, why aren’t we talking about this more?)

Title: Sprinkling
Author: Usami
Rating: K
Focus: Chiro/Jinmay
Why it’s Worth Reading: You’re probably going to see Usami show up a lot in my fic recs. Her one shots are great, and this is just one of many fantastic SRMTHG drabbles she’s done.

Title: His Lust for Power
Author: Red Okami Writer – Jiseru
Rating: T
Focus: Antauri, Pre-series
Why it’s Worth Reading: Antauri’s point of view is a real challenge and Red Okami does a good job capturing it at a vulnerable time pre-series. This is another author who is likely to show up several times in my recs.

Title: Born From the Dead
Author: Kosaten no Kokinatsuyosa
Rating: T
Focus: Chiro, Antauri
Why it’s Worth Reading: Despite being Christian – or perhaps because of it – I’ll be the first to admit most fics that include Christian themes tend to be pr-etty awful. Kosaten’s fic is refreshing, keeping everyone in character while drawing Biblical parallels.

Title: Murphy’s Law
Author: Lee Savage
Rating: K+
Focus: Sprx
Why it’s Worth Reading: At 99 words, this fic manages to be one of the strongest gut-punches I’ve ever read. I’m also the only reviewer so far. Go remedy that, please.

Title: Stay Cool
Author: Shizuku Tsukishima749
Rating: K
Focus: Chiro
Why it’s Worth Reading: This sweet little fic concerning “Depths of Fear” manages to do a great job portraying Chiro’s anxiety about water.

Title: Anytime You Need a Friend
Author: Seiji and Shizuku 4ever
Rating: K+
Focus: Sprx/Nova
Why it’s Worth Reading: While clearly intended to be romantic, this fic also does a good job recognising the friendship aspect between Sprx and Nova and the awkward tension between that and a romantic relationship, unlike some people’s fics where they just angst and kiss. (And by some people, I mean me. It has been 0 days since our last self deprecating joke.)

Title: A Blessing and a Curse
Author: coldneverbotheredmeanyway
Rating: K
Focus: Gibson
Why it’s Worth Reading: whaaaaaaaaat What do you mean I’m bias because this was a response to a challenge I put out for some Gibson introspection? I have no idea what you mean. Seriously, this is a nice one shot.

Title: You Still Are
Author: saidoshi
Rating: K
Focus: Chiro, Antauri
Why it’s Worth Reading: I usually dislike fan poetry. The fact that this poem made my rec list despite that says a lot. Have all them “I, Chiro” feels.

Title: Candy Floss Pink
Author: Mouse-Mouse
Rating: K+
Focus: Antauri/Nova
Why it’s Worth Reading: This one shot manages to pair what may be the hardest two characters to keep in-character when writing romantically.

Know a fic you think deserves to be on a future rec list? Feel free to tell me what fics I should be reading in the comments!

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