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Month: December 2016

Fic Recs | Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

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And now, the first entry of what I hope to be a regular feature; I read a lot of fan fiction in lots of fandoms and occasionally get asked for recommendation lists, so each week I’ll post 10 fic recs for a specific fandom.

This week, have a bunch of great SRMTHG fics!

Annie Award 2017 Predictions

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Normally, I’d start predictions off with a rousing, snarky comment about how much awards season disappoints me every year, but last year’s Annie Awards were a pleasant surprise; no one film swept up every single award and an extremely underrated series took home the award for best television production for children. This year, the nomination list looks robust and the horribly overrated “it’s adult and edgy” film industry sweetheart has been all but shafted. Maybe a little positive thinking is due… at least until the Academy Awards announce their nominations.

Until then, here are my predictions for the 2017 Annie Awards:

Let’s Play Democracy 3! (Except It’s Anarchy Now.)

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Ah, Humble Bundles: my greatest weakness. This time, the choose-your-price-for-charity website offered a bunch of tycoon games, including Democracy 3, a government simulator. Given the high levels of politically-themed salt in the water, it seemed like the perfect time to learn what would happen if I tried to be the Best Leader Ever.

So I took a careful look at the issues and made my best attempt to help both parties meet halfway. My America would both respect the social rights and financial rights of all citizens! My conservative parents and my liberal friends would be proud! It would be a miracle for the history books! Centralists would finally win the day!

Or maybe I’d just die.

Hungover: The Actual Problem with Frederator and VRV

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Yesterday, Cartoon Hangover – a Youtube channel by Frederator known for shows such as Bravest Warriors and Bee and Puppycat – awoke from a long hiatus of no new original content beyond commentary about popular animation by other companies to finally announce new episodes of the aforementioned series. These episodes, they said, would be available exclusively in the United States via a paid subscription to the VRV app.