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WALL-E doesn’t get much attention in the merch department most of the time. Action figures made at the movie’s release didn’t sell particularly well. 2018, the film’s 10th anniversary, led to a single display in a single shop in The Magic Kingdom with a few pieces of jewelry, some shirts, and official mouse ears for WALL-E and EVE, which was nice but nothing compared to the 25th anniversary of The Nightmare Before Christmas taking over several stores around the park. And then there’s Boxlunch, who decided to go big or go home for Earth Day this year. Walking into the…

Pixar Is Making Me Cry Over Familiar Fistbumping in “Smash and Grab”

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Spoilers. Here, just watch the short first: After Pixar introduced its SparkShorts program with the boldly adult and feminist “Purl,” Pixar’s second entry in the series feels like its playing in contrast to that and reminding audiences that this is still coming out of Pixar. “Smash and Grab” is, other than some very unique and gorgeous design work, nothing we haven’t seen out of the studio before. Two pantomime robots with human qualities want to go beyond their programming to spend time together, except this time it’s not as romantically coded as it was in WALL-E (the relationship seems to be…

Breaking Hard Lander at CGDC 2018

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One of the things almost as fun as getting to try games before they’re released at Christian Game Developers Conference each year (which, before you get confused by what this game has to do with it, is both a conference for games with overt Christian themes and for game developers who happen to be Christian) is totally screwing them up. For the past few years, me and several other players have had the pleasure of giving Soulareus Interactive several headaches over their incredible up-and-coming multiplayer spaceship combat game, Hard Lander. Every year, the game shows up at the conference more and…

Who Caused the Spear of Selene?

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Warning: Major spoilers for the Ducktales episode “The Last Crash of the Sunchaser.” This article assumes you have already seen the episode and does not include a recap, so go catch up on this wonderful series. When conflicts between characters arise in a work of fiction, fans have a tendency to pick sides very quickly and very adamantly. After all, being planted firmly on one side of the other gives us a higher sense of belonging than if we try to sit on the fence; we feel closer to the characters we side with and the other fans who fit cleanly…

Thundercats Roar According to Someone Who Doesn’t Give a Crap About Thundercats

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Well color me confused and stunned. One minute, my Twitter timeline is filled with animation fans and members of the industry who are usually fairly supportive, understanding, and level-headed. The next, Thundercats Roar happens. Suddenly, my social media feed is a wartorn wasteland of complaining and defending. It’s not just coming from regular fans and critics whose job it is to have an opinion either – the industry professionals are equally divided. Surprisingly immature passive-aggressive comments abound from people I wouldn’t expect it from; even members of the WB studio seem to be infighting. A designer does some Thundercats fanart…

Anime Review | How to Keep a Mummy

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How to Keep a Mummy is a hard anime to rate because, when you think hard enough about the show, not much happens during its 12 episode run. The show’s main pull is just how adorable Mii-kun and the rest of the fantasy creatures that appear in the series are doing totally mundane things. The only plot the show has is a handful of mystery-themed episodes where the main cast stumbles upon some element of Japanese mythology with its cuteness factor dialed up to 11. That said, while you could argue that the story doesn’t have much going for it,…

Anime Review | Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles

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Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles is comprised of two plots. The first is the standard and incredibly boring group of high school girl anime stereotypes going on adventures tangentially related to the main character, Koizumi, featuring one of my least favorite tropes of all time: a girl with a creepy obsession who can’t take “no” for an answer and is one genre-shift away from going full yandere. This part of the series of abysmally boring and I often find myself getting distracted when it’s the focus. The reason I kept watching Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles despite its dreary side characters is…

Anime Review | Mameneko

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I decided to take the plunge this season and watch a children’s anime that hadn’t been subtitled with my minimal knowledge of Japanese, so take this review with a grain of salt. I’m sure there are subtleties and jokes in Mameneko that I missed completely, but one of the nice things about the series is it manages to be simple enough that most of it can be grasped between the animation and knowing a few basic Japanese phrases. Anyways, Mameneko is a charming little short series about cats being cats, and is the most realistic of the three cat-related short…

Anime Review | The Ancient Magus’ Bride

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I picked up The Ancient Magus’ Bride manga late last year and quickly fell in love with it, just in time to gleefully learn an anime adaptation was coming out. At the time, a common complaint against the manga that people were hoping to see fixed by the anime was the pacing; many readers felt the story moved much too slowly. Personally, I never agreed with this verdict. To me, the manga’s pacing felt as comfortable as a hot cup of English tea. Now that we’ve come to the end of the anime, I can’t help but feel a certain…

Why I Liked Pop Team Epic

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Warning: Mind spoilers ahead.

This season’s anime lineup has left me with a problem; I’ve finally been outed for having horrible taste in anime.

After I shared my general thoughts on the Winter 2018 anime at the mid-season, I received a lot of the same feedback: “Net, you didn’t think my new favorite show was that good but you liked Pop Team Epic? You have such trash taste!”